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Lee Perry Bob Marley 1950s Til Early 1960s Reggae
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In Print:
His Musical Legacy is a heavily illustrated history of Bobís musical legacy from his first track, to the last.

On Disc
Iíve complied over 250 tracks that Bob, Peter, Bunny & Rita recorded from 1967 to 1972.

Bob Marley Radio 2 documentary for Unique Productions.
"You Can't Take It With You" for BBC Bristol.
"Talking Head - Bob Marley"
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Musical Legacy Grooving Kinston 12 Fy-Ah Fy-Ah Man To Man Soul Revolution Part II
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Play Play Ammunition 127 King Street Feel Alright Soul Rebels
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Wail N Soul The Universal Masters Collection Best Of Original Cuts Peter Tosh
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Upsetter Revolution Rhythm Black Dignity

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